Harmony Ball

The Mexican Bola Harmony Ball is a musical chime necklace which was first worn by pregnant women in Mexico. Through generations of motherhood they learned of the calming effect that the Bola had on their babies during pregnancy and after birth. The chiming Bola is encased in a stylish basket. From around 20 weeks into pregnancy when the baby begins to hear sounds, the Bola is worn low on the belly, near to the baby. The Bola makes a soft chiming noise during movement and the soothing sound will become familiar to your baby and may comfort, reassure and relax them in the womb. The Bola can then be worn after birth and the baby gains comfort while being nursed, hearing the familiar chime. The Bola is a beautiful keepsake gift which can be passed from generation to generation. Presented in a gift packaged bag with small information booklet as pictured.

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